We work with a limited number of clients in and around Palo Alto who want us on their team to help manage and enhance life with their dog. Here’s an overview of how we work, although we also design custom plans tailored to your needs upon request:

Private Training:  $100/ for half hour consult; us + you + dog. No contracts, we meet you and your dog, evaluate the situation, and tell you what we think. If your dog is a candidate for our train-and-board program, the consult fee will be applied as a credit for that program. If not, we will provide you during the consult with our evaluation, advice, and potential referrals in terms of what we think will help you and your dog.

Day care reject?  Problems?  Puppy?  Elderly?  Rescue?  We want to help your dog. Our mission is to work with all dogs, especially those most in need of our time and attention. If you watch Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer, you can see where we derive some of our inspiration about rehabilitating dogs, with a solid grounding in the philosophy of positive reinforcement and obedience work.  Dogs, like people, are always a work in progress, and we want to help you build an enduring, positive life experience with your dog.

Perhaps your dog is showing some people or dog aggression and you could use some help dealing with it.  If you have a young or new dog in your home, it may be that you could use some help working on training and behavior in a consistent manner. Imagine your wish list for life with your dog, and let’s go from there. If today you think of your relationship with your dog in terms of its challenges, which rightfully you might if you are having behavioral issues with your dog, we work to transform that situation and focus on building out the positive aspects of your relationship while addressing areas that need attention.

The key factors from our perspective are providing time and consistency with your dog, as well as having an intellectually curious and indeed joyful mindset in working with your dog. We work with all dogs, big and small.  With large dogs, behavior issues can manifest more noticeably, perhaps because they need more exercise and their foibles are more evident in public, which in turn can create a cycle of avoidance that exacerbates the problem.  On the other hand, small dogs are often poorly trained and less obedient because of the inverse of the big dog’s situation —  the little dog’s behavior issues can be ignored because of their small stature and masked by the owner’s picking them up, etc.  Either way, what we do know for certain is that you have a terrific dog , who perhaps is not perfect, like all of us.  So we’d love to meet you and your dog and go from there!