Train and board is a great option when you’ve got a puppy, young dog or rescue dog who needs some work on manners, behavior, socialization, and/or obedience.  We do a couple things that are noteworthy. We only take one train-and-board dog at a time, so we can focus just on your dog during his experience.  And we provide a combined town and country experience, so you get the best of both worlds, with training practice here in town where your dog lives, as well as a fun experience at our place in Modesto with new smells and more room to roam. This means you can visit with your dog here in town as much as you’d like, and you don’t have to do the driving out to the country for drop-off and pick-up.

Train & Board. $1400/wk, $2600/2wks, $3600/3wks & $4400/4wks. With a train and board, you outsource the work with your dog to us,  and this allows us to spend the dedicated time with your dog so we can be more effective. We treat your dog like our own, and we work with him on whatever issues you’d like addressed. In all case, we work on basic AKC Canine Good Citizen levels of obedience and sociability, in addition to the issues that you’ve highlighted.

For some people, it’s a young dog with a ton of energy who is rather out of control and not respecting boundaries, rules or limitations.  Or it’s a puppy who you don’t have time to do all the potty training and basic training work for with your busy schedule. Or it’s a mature dog who has acquired some habits and behaviors that are making life together a challenge, like aggression, fearfulness, leash reactivity, destructiveness, resource guarding, and so on.  Or it’s a fairly well-trained dog who just needs extra work on recalls or agility practice while the owner goes on vacation.

More about Modesto:  we have a larger place out there, so we often board there on the weekends or during the summer. Dogs love it because it’s almost an acre to run around on, large enough for fun, small enough for us to supervise closely, and you will love it because it gives them a special adventure during a boarding stay. It’s 90 miles away, but you don’t have to do the driving out to the country!

Also, if you want your dog to have an authentic rural experience, I refer to my sister who has 5 acres near Grass Valley. Her husband grew up hunting, so their Black Labs are working dogs and properly trained for it. She also has an Australian Shepherd to help with her sheep and other farm animals. So if you board with her, or do a board and train, your dog will get a real country experience, and will also learn how to be part of an orderly ranch dog pack.  Since she’s my sister, I will drive dogs up there and back for extended boarding, as a courtesy at no extra cost to you, although it’s convenient for you to go by yourself if you’re on your way to Tahoe (by Auburn).