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Palo Alto animal shelter up for closure?

Posted on March 29, 2012

There have been a few news stories about the potential closure of the Palo Alto animal shelter, such as this one by Gennady Sheyner posted on Palo Alto Online.   Without getting into the politics of budget cuts, I can only say it would be a shame to lose this dedicated community service.  Sometimes you may not know what you’re getting from city staff, but here it’s unambiguous in terms of the animal control officers, adoptions, spay and neuter, and vaccinations.  I do think they make it too hard to adopt these days, but that’s another story. I was also concerned to read in comments to this related story, an interview with Sandy Stadler, head of animal services, that Stanford sends strays to a…

No pet for you?

Posted on March 17, 2012

If you missed this dog-related article in Slate about the rigors you can go through these days in adopting a “rescue” dog, you might enjoy it.  Author Emily Yoffe has a wonderful sense of humor. Back in the 1970s we adopted a lab mix from the Palo Alto pound, basically by walking in their, picking her out, and leaving with her. More recently, I went in with my little boy to try to adopt a bunny, and the process was somewhat different. I have had rabbits in the past and am actually fairly knowledgeable about them. We went through the whole interview process, and it was pretty funny that they wouldn’t let me have the bunny until they spoke with my husband on the…