We’ve found that along with train-and-board, dog sitting is probably the number one request that we get these days, and we offer this service on a limited, small group basis, more below.

Sitting/Boarding: $7.50/hour, with a $60 daily minimum and $100 daily maximum fee.  Our boarding experience is like our day care, except your dog stays over.  We follow your routine, in terms of feeding and the food you use, unless you’d like us to use our kibble.  We try to replicate the sleeping arrangements that your dog is most comfortable with, whether it’s a dog bed, a crate or just a blanket they like. Dogs are social animals, and we make sure your dog is part of a companionable group of dogs and people.

That brings us to Modesto:  we have a larger property there, so we sometimes board there on the weekends.  Dogs love it because it’s almost an acre to run around on, large enough for fun, small enough for us to supervise closely, and you will love it because it gives them a special adventure during a boarding stay. We board our clients’ dogs on a kennel-free basis; they get the run of the place) and we work with them as part of our pack.