We’ve found that doggie daycare is probably the number one request that we get these days, and we offer this service on a limited, small group basis, more below.

Doggie Day Care:  $7.50/hour, $60 daily minimum, $100 daily maximum. No contracts, use us as you need us. We’re super flexible: you can drop off or pick up your dog pretty much anytime, or we can do it for you. Your dog needs tags, shots, and flea medicine. The way we do day care is simple:  we treat your dog like our own. Therefore we limit the size of our group and have no desire to scale.  Think of us as a nanny or baby-sitter rather than a daycare center.

What your dog wants is to be involved and useful, so we integrate him in our daily life, like you do when you’re not busy.  This includes exercise, rest, play and obedience, as well as involvement in our daily activities.  We exercise with walks around town and visits to parks and open space, as well as runs alongside the bike for larger dogs.  We also exercise dogs on the treadmill at home — it’s a great skill for them and it burns energy. We also walk around shopping areas like Town & Country, as that provides great practice for obedience and socialization around people and other dogs.

We also do basic grooming, bathing, nail care, teeth brushing, meals, meds, etc., as part of our routine at no extra charge, like we would for our own dogs, and we can take your dog to the vet if you can’t make your appointment. We send you texts with photos of what we’re up to, so you can see your dog in action or just being adorable.  We don’t do dog parks or off-leash, except on our property or by special arrangement.

Day care reject?  Problems?  Puppy?  Elderly?  Rescue?  We want to help your dog. Our mission is to work with all dogs, especially those most in need of our time and attention.  For young dogs or dogs with behavior issues, we suggest our train-and-board program, and for older dogs our elder care program. If your dog’s absolutely “perfect” and you just want the personal touch of our small group, home atmosphere, your dog will have the important job of serving as role model for social norming purposes.  Your dog won’t be lonely,  he will be part of a companionable group of people and other dogs. He also probably has a few commands he hasn’t learned, or some bad habits; we’ll notice those and work on them together.