As 2016 winds down, we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year! We have a few updates for the new year to better address client needs as follows; see also updated service pages:

Train and Board. Because of demand, train-and-board will continue to be our primary focus in 2017. There is a clear need for quality local train-and-board for the Palo Alto community, and we have worked this year with some well-known Silicon Valley names, whose privacy we maintain. In order for train-and-board to be effective, we need to spend time with your dog. For that reason, we charge by the week, but we are fine with limited stays and carry-overs of fee credits (e.g., if you pay for a week and use 4 days, you have 3 on account). Also, once your dog is housebroken, we can move to a half-day price relationship where you take your pup home at night or on the weekend.

Straight Boarding/Day Care. This will continue for existing clients, and on a space-available basis for new clients. If you don’t hear back from us promptly that means we are fully booked. If you are interested in our wait list, kindly indicate the same. Please note that puppies and younger dogs are accepted for train-and-board only. Rates for boarding will stay the same, day care will remain at $5.00/hr and $200 minimum/week for regular clients, and for one-off clients (in-town visitors, etc.) we will try to help you if we have space at our full boarding rate for full or partial days.

Elder Care. This is a new service that we began in 2016 to accommodate a very dear little old dog who has since passed away. Her owner worked full-time and she couldn’t be home alone, but she couldn’t be in a typical day-care environment that would be too busy and stressing for her. For dogs with elderly needs or shorter-term hospice or medical situations, we give preference to these owners in boarding/day care for their elderly dogs who may need special care. You are charged the same rates as above.