We’ve added a new local resource page, where we share information about other local options for day care, training, and sitting, as well as information about services we don’t provide, like dog walking, playgroups, and off-leash hikes, along with info on local veterinarians, pet stores, etc. It’s a work in progress, so we will continue to update it, and if you have suggestions, please send mail to cathy@paloaltodogs.com.

We always talk with you about potential alternatives and supplementary services, so we thought it makes sense to put it on the site as you explore your options and figure out what’s best for your dog and your lifestyle. Although we do have space for new clients, we’re small and intend to stay that way, as our intimate atmosphere and close relationship with dogs is what makes us special. We’re always very happy if you tell us you’re having a great experience elsewhere, as that helps us with referrals when we talk with other people. Also, we don’t have any business relationship with these other providers, we’re just doing this to help share information, as it’s a small world after all!