We take a lot of photos of the dogs we’re taking care of, as we communicate with owners throughout the day with photos and text messages to stay in touch.  As a result, we end up with a lot of fun shots to play around with.  Once you know the dog’s personality, and experiment with the image, you can make a really cool portrait.   Let’s be honest, people like picture of their dogs and other pets, or of themselves with them (we do too).  That’s how we started doing pet portraits for people.  We manipulate an image to give it a unique effect, and then have it infused in metal for a modern, durable presentation.

The work is reproduced on metal in a high-gloss finish at a size of 8″x 8″ for a modern, intimate miniature, great for the office or bedside table, or as a gift. The image is infused into an aluminum surface, not over it, and achieves a breath-taking luminescence from reproduction in this medium; the high-gloss finish provides a brilliant surface that maximizes the image details.  We either work with your images, or create new ones to play with.  We charge $98 for the finished product, plus $20 for an optional lucite stand to enhance the display.   Here are some examples!


IMG_1667IMG_3010 - Version 3DSC_0087 - Version 2IMG_0036_grandeIMG_3095 - Version 2