There have been a few news stories about the potential closure of the Palo Alto animal shelter, such as this one by Gennady Sheyner posted on Palo Alto Online.  

Without getting into the politics of budget cuts, I can only say it would be a shame to lose this dedicated community service.  Sometimes you may not know what you’re getting from city staff, but here it’s unambiguous in terms of the animal control officers, adoptions, spay and neuter, and vaccinations.  I do think they make it too hard to adopt these days, but that’s another story.

I was also concerned to read in comments to this related story, an interview with Sandy Stadler, head of animal services, that Stanford sends strays to a shelter in San Martin.  Since we’re close to campus, if that’s the case, it’s a concern that a dog that gets out could end up trucked down there away from the caring nexus of our community.  I hope we can come up with a creative solution on this one!


Coonhound Palo Alto

Sleepless nights for concerned citizens.

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